Listen my friend! never change yourself to impress someone else, cause if they really wants you they will accept you as you are and if they don’t…..make hundred changes in yourself they can never love you truly.

but still… changes are good ….if you want it, not someone else.

Nothing…more description

चल जग……….अब कब तक सोयेगा,

तू जो यू सोया है,सुखत कल्पनाओ में खोया है,
जरा जाग, यहाँ सुख भी दुःख से लड़ रहा है।
तू जरा अपने ख्वाबो की खिड़की से बहार तो देख,
दिखेगा,दिखेगा तुझे जिन्दंगी के इम्तिहानों का खेल।

सपनों को देखना गलत नहीं,सपनों में जीना गलत है ,
यह जंग है साहब यहाँ जीतने के लिए वक्त कम है।
तेरी रात की नींद शांत है,जैसे शांति से सोया है तेरा संसार,
पर जरा इस दिन की आंधी में आ यहाँ होता है वार पे वार।
और,जब सूर्य के प्रहार से टूटेगा तेरा सपना,
 तब इस जिंदंगी के खेल में तुझे भी पड़ेगा उतरना,

पर तूने देर से नाम दर्ज करवाय है,
तूने सोने में समय बिताया है। 

 चल तेर से ही सही , तू जगा तो सही ,अब ना रुकना जब तक ना मिले जीत। 


Only you know how you feel…

They may relate to your situation,
They may pretend to understand your feeling,
They may accept the fact that you will be change with time
They can even make you smile.....

You can also smile back,
you can pretend that you are fine,
You can be present yourself as new one,
you can shows that you don't mind anything....

         But only you know how you feel....

where are you ……..??

I’m looking for a face from long time…….

A face that’s walk with me not like my shadow , but like my breath,
cause shadows disappears , with sun set  , but breath will be till death

I’m searching for a wanderer like me , who just hold my hand tightly……
and walk, walk with me , till infinity.

 A face that smile at my smile, that harmonize his tune in to my tune,
a face that makes my poem come alive …….

A face that look first in my eyes before looking into my body….

A face that make me relief forever……………..💗.


  once ‘John Donne’ (poet) was in  relationship with his beloved but the relationship was not going well . One day , sitting by a river Donne saw a Flea and said – Look at that flea , how lucky is he because first he sucks your blood and than mine . And now our blood is mixed and became one. (Actually his beloved do not want to stay in relationship with john any more because she was afraid of society , and the comment and the questions raised by the people around them) . So Donne was try to explain her that the flea has the blood of your and mine and this twice blood became one . we did not done anything wrong yet two souls became one . So there should be no fear any more . 

listing all this his beloved went on to kill the flea , Donne try to stop her but she killed the flea .Then John Donne again said that –  you not only  killed the flea but also killed the three souls ( flea’s , yours & mine) 
“But look there is no impact of  it to the world and to society. In reality no one care about this . so like this the life of both of us will not affect this entire world even a little bit. the flea is nothing to the world . There is billions like this . just like the flea ; nothing will stop or end in society . the people around us will still do their work and live their life . literally no one care.  if  no one care about us so why should we…………….?

love like compass………………….💕

  IT has two legs and two points but it stayed connected from top . If one point has to go  away for work then the other also does his work by standing still . if it gets little bit from its place the other will also not able to complete his work (making a perfect circle ) . As soon as the work done , the both meet again .

The two legs of compass is you and me . whenever i have to go to far away from you , you are always their in my heart because we are connected from the LOVE . if you disturb a little bit i disturb too. I can not do my work properly. You should never afraid whenever i go because at last i will come to you.our love is like a compass